How to find great and plentiful boondocking campsites


“How do I find good boondocking campsites?” is a question I am often asked. The most common answer is to just go out and explore on America’s enormous acreage of public lands, mostly managed by the National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. But there are other public lands also where you can find free boondocking, such as on land managed by the Bureau of Reclamation, Public utilities, Native American reservations, National Wildlife Service, and others.

But one way to narrow down the search is to tap into RVers that do a lot of boondocking and post their findings online. So in this post, I will provide some YouTube videos where boondockers talk about their favorite locations and how you can find yours.  In the first one listed below, see a list of the best states for boondocking.

In this video from Campendium see which states offer the most (and most scenic)  boondocking opportunities.

Olivia and Kyle of the Drivin’ and Vibin’ website tell their 10 favorite free campsites.

In this one, Dave Helgeson of shows you how to find boondocking spots using the fantastic software from Google called Google Earth.

The Russos talk about dispersed campsites, how to find them and the rules that apply.

You can find many more videos on YouTube by using search terms like “boondocking locations” and “free camping locations.” Add the area you’re in, either a state name or national forest to narrow down the search.


2 thoughts on “How to find great and plentiful boondocking campsites

  1. Bob, one of my favorite go-to resources for boondocking, dispersed, and designated campgrounds is the excellent site ultimatecampgrounds dot com.


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