Do you have your lifetime National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass?

National+Park+Service9You have until August 28th to lock in for life one of the best perks of being a senior RVer that this country has to offer. If you didn’t already know it, since 1994 all US citizens and permanent residents over the age of 62 could buy a lifetime Senior Pass to the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands for the ridiculously cheap price of $10. But in December 2016 Congress passed legislation to increase the price from $10 to $80.

Now don’t all scream at once. Just be glad that you could buy this cheap pass to the nation’s foremost recreational offerings for chump change. Even at $80 is is the best recreational buy in the country. And until August 28th you can still get it for $10 and have free access to more than 2,000 sites and parks for life. Another reason not to complain about the price increase is that “The fee increase will support critical investments in maintenance projects at national parks and federal recreational lands nationwide” the NPS announced. Not a dime to balance some department budget or for some politician’s agenda.

The NPS also wants to let you know that “The pass can be purchased for $10 before August 28 at a national park or other Federal Recreation Area that charges an entrance or standard amenity (day use) fee. The pass can also be obtained by mail or on line, for $10 before August 28 but there will be an additional $10 charge for processing, for a total of $20. Due to expected high order volume, there could be delays with online and mail order processing of up to several months.”

You can also buy an annual Senior Pass for $20 and after four years of buying Senior Passes you can trade them in for a lifetime Senior Pass at no additional charge.

Visit the National Park Service website to learn more and to purchase your lifetime pass.

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