Now you can buy your kayak from your RV dealer

Why didn’t someone think of this before? Meyer Distributing today announced it will begin stocking ProMaxx single and tandem kayaks and shipping them to RV dealers nationwide.

“Automotive and RV dealers can now capture all these sales instead of sending them down the street or online to buy these kayak’s,” said Nicholas A. Gramelspacher, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Dealers can save money with Meyer’s huge fleet and have them delivered for a fraction of the cost,” he added.

I’ve had a kayak even before I started fulltime RVing, and wouldn’t consider going on the road without my kayak to explore and get up close to birds, wildlife, and the serenity of mostly unspoiled nature in lakes, bays, rivers, and secret bayous and waterways. Kayaking has been one of my favorite forms of exercise and exploration as an RVer.

It makes sense to buy your kayak when you purchase your RV, so you can receive some instruction on its use, loading and unloading, and getting it to the water. Now you can do all that at the RV dealer’s location .

Good thinking Meyer and ProMaxx.

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