Working On The Road


Note: I wrote a version of the following article several years ago when still fulltiming. It is still pertinent today.

I awoke automatically, determined by my unique circadian rhythms, at a few minutes before 5 AM, give or take a few minutes. I stumbled into the galley to light the stove and start the coffee water boiling. Once I had successfully accomplished that task, I returned to my nice warm bed and fell immediately back to sleep. Lynn rose a few minutes later to brew the coffee in our French press, write in her diary for about half an hour, then hop on her bike to peddle off into the early morning chill to the gym, where she works out for an hour before heading to the aquatic center to teach her 7:00 AM class.

To most people that schedule doesn’t sound like the fun RV Lifestyle of working on the road. The truth is, that’s what we did even before she started teaching water exercise classes. Only then she took the class, instead of teaching it. Now she teaches – which she loves to do almost more than anything else, and would have done for free just to teach – and is thrilled that she actually gets paid to do what she loves.

By the time she leaves, I head out for my morning run, after which I settle at my computer to write articles for RV magazines. I don’t make a fortune doing this, nor does Lynn for her teaching, but we are doing exactly what we would be doing even if we weren’t “working.” If work is what you do for money, and fun is what you do because you want to, then getting paid for having fun would seem to be the ultimate goal.

Lynn is so good at what she does, that various pools (five at last count) will hire her to teach on her schedule, whenever she is in the area and available. I now write regularly for several magazines that like my work enough to continue buying articles from me, and I can write from wherever I am and whenever I want to sit down with my laptop and let my creative juices bubble to the surface.

The afternoons are free to explore, sightsee, hike, kayak, or whatever else we choose to do. This may not be the lifestyle you dream of when working on the road, so work out your own plan. Decide what makes you happy, and pursue it with gusto. There are plenty of jobs out there providing the opportunity to make a few bucks to help finance the lifestyle that keeps you on the road. You just have to look.

Working on the road is a great lifestyle, even better when you get paid for enjoying life.

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