Making new RVing friends and keeping in touch with social media

Mark C. on 19 October posted the following message on his Facebook page:

Fulltime rv traveling starts as soon as house sells. What is the best way to meet and keep up with other fulltimers? Blog? Website? Instagram? Twitter? Youtube? I know about Rvillage just looking for other ways too. My 30 year old daughter says Instagram hands down…We meet lots face to face while in Campground and have great friends. Just asking what social media way most fulltimers use. Thanks

Among the many perks of the RV Lifestyle is the ability to meet friendly folk. RVers are among the most friendly and helpful people you encounter on your travels (as opposed to, maybe, hedge fund managers). Try opening the hood of your RV or tow vehicle in a campsite and stand there peering in and scratching your head for a few minutes and see how many people come over to see if they can help.

Another way to meet a bunch of like-minded RVers it to attend rallies, such as the Escapees. The 57th Escapade RV Rally will be held in 2017 in Tucson on March 19-24 and includes a series of classes on fulltiming among the many other classes and seminars. And you won’t find friendlier folk than Escapees. Check out their Birds-of-a-Feather groups of  RVers interested in a specific subject, interest, or activity, like Boondockers, Amateur Radio, Photography, etc.

Another is the Good Sam/Camping World get-together called simply The Rally.
In 2017 The Rally will be at the Phoenix International Raceway Feb. 23 – 26. Admission for all participants in your RV and 4 nites of dry-camping is only $49.95, a bargain for what you will learn, the friends you will make, and the fun and entertainment you will have. And if you’re a fulltimer living in the West, you are likely to already be spending the winter in the California or Arizona deserts so you won’t be far away from Phoenix.

There are other smaller regional rallies plus the largest RV rendezvous in the world held at Quartzsite, AZ every winter. If you don’t know about Quartzsite, just ask the next RVer you talk to. Also check out the Gem and Mineral Show and the RV Show, both part of the extravaganza.

But Mark also questioned about how to keep in touch with all your new RV friends with the plethora of the social media possibilities across the Internet. That’s the subject of my next blog.

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