The Social Media way of keeping in touch

Facebook, once the overwhelming favorite of the younger set, has now been co-opted by baby boomers and seniors, likely making it the favorite among older RVers – though the trend now is to younger RVers rather than senior retirees, who are more mobile and independent,


Art car? A(rt)Ver? Mad Max?

An unusual RV turned up in my neighborhood a few days ago. I don’t mean unusual in terms of the newest creature-comfort idea, or one with the most slideouts. This one was the manifestation of an artistic design idea by someone named Quillan. At first sight, it looked like something Mel Gibson would drive in…

Southeast Georgia: A Superb Snowbird Destination

Eleven months ago I posted the following article to the Good Sam Blog on RVing in Southern coastal Georgia. As I write this Hurricane Matthew is about to slam into Florida and work its way up coastal Georgia. Predictions of heavy rain (10 to 15 inches I heard predicted in some areas and a storm…